Top 10 Essential WordPress plug-ins

Plug-ins are the core of any WordPress blog or website. They improve the overall functionality of a blog or website, optimize the content for search engines, and also streamline the download data transfer speeds. Here’s a list of top 10 essential WordPress plug-ins to enhance the overall performance of your website or blog.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps instantly creates a site-map of your website to point Search-Engines in the appropriate direction when crawling. Each and every time you add a new page or post, Google, Ask and Bing will be notified by this plugin. It is quite easy to configure and incorporates some helpful resource links as well.

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is a major WordPress plug-in to add SEO-friendly title, description and also keyword meta-tags for all your web pages and posts, helping your website step-up the Search Engines Results Page. You can also add the tags by yourself in the boxes given, or leave the WordPress plugin to create them automatically. This plug-in is easy to administer and use.


Jetpack is yet another new plug-in launched by the team at Automattic Inc. (who’re the creators of It gets so simple for individuals to use an abundance of services like contact-forms, add videos, view statistics and much more just in a single dashboard. Besides, this plug-in is completely free and you just need to have an account in to use this plug-in.

Thank me later

This is a tiny plug-in that delivers a message to everyone who comments on your weblog. It might incorporate a sample made message that’s already there in the plug-in. Also, you can create and customize a message on your own.

WP Minify

WP Minify continues to be a vital plug-in for functionality purposes. This plug-in can make the scripts, images and other static things in your blog to function in a most convenient way. This plug-in loads initially only those things that are actually necessary and this leads to extremely quick response time.

WP Smush it

WP Smush it compresses the images included in a WordPress blog or website in order that the loading process does not take a great deal of time and it loads the images quickly making your blog search-engine friendly and user-friendly as well.

Pretty Link Lite

Using this plug-in, you can shrink, track, beautify, share and manage any URL on or off of your own WordPress web site. Generate links that look the way you want using your own website name!


Get your pages and posts out there with Socialize. This plug-in enables you to add social networks’ share buttons to your pages and post along with a great little editable ‘Call-to-Action’ box towards the bottom of all your posts. It is very simple to configure and go with to your blog or site effortlessly.


Akismet does not need to be downloaded since with each and every new WordPress installation, this particular plug-in comes along with. It is quite simple to personalize as it only requires obtaining the API key in order to function. The Api Key can be obtained free of charge from their official-website.

Vault press

Vault press can be a solution to all of your security related problems in your WordPress blog. This plug-in instantly backs up all your data. If your data is lost, you can just recover it with just a mouse click.

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Most common reasons why some business opportunities fail

Business failure is a very common phenomenon that can happen to any business, Home based businesses have their own unique challenges but should be treated like any other traditional business lack of which can result in close down of operations mainly due to a business’s inability to make a profit, break even or generate enough revenue to cover the expenses, and in the worst case scenario, due to making losses over a period of time that cannot be sustained any longer. Some of the most common reasons why some business opportunities fail include but are not limited to the following:

a.) Choosing and starting a business for all the wrong reasons. The most common one being to make a lot of money. This reason alone can bring a business down, one need to look at the areas where they have technical expertise, prior training, understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the business and most importantly have the passion, determination and self drive for what they are doing as well as a positive attitude. Some people get into a business because they have seen someone else make loads of money from it and they end up regretting or closing down when the same does not happen to them.

b.) Lack of proper planning is also a business killer, running a successful business requires a lot of careful, strategic and methodological thinking. A critical part of this is having a business plan that contains accurate, realistic and achievable projections it should be specific in terms of capital and workforce requirements, potential threats and the company’s overall vision and goals.

c.) Lack of adequate capital or underestimating the capital needs of your business may lead to premature closure when you cannot meet all the critical requirements to run the business effectively. This also borders on unrealistic expectations in terms of the amount of revenue you expect to generate.

d.) Today’s home based businesses require one to be visible and this can be achieved by having a website so that your potential clients can have access to your services lines or product. A website will also enable to market and advertise your business. With the high and increasing number of internet users worldwide, not having this visibility through a good well designed website is suicide to your business.

e.) Failure to adapt to the changing consumer needs, technology, competition and other market forces can lead to closure of any business. A business needs to be able to expand in line with market changes and customer expectations. Doing the same thing year in year out will lead your business to failure in a short period of time.

f.) Unethical business practices, unforeseen market forces and government regulations can also bring your business to closure if you are on the wrong side, it is important to be in line with regulations, taxes and other legal requirements as well as be able to anticipate changes that may affect your business and avoid any shortcuts that will be costly in the long run.

g.) The quality of your products and services must be top notch. Customers are very aware of what is available in the market and substandard quality or service will give a big blow to your business and give you negative reviews to potential customers as well as diminish your chances of repeat business from your current customers.

h.) Poor management of your business in terms of time, communication, cash flow and resources can also lead to failure of your business. Not having focus and consistency, over expansion  trying to be a jack of all trades e.t.c will give a bad image to your clients as well as derail you from your initial plan. Stick to what you know and do well for ultimate home business success.

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GREETINGS FRIENDS!!! In this article, I am going to tell you some of the most legitimate HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEAS, which are very powerful and have the ability to change your life for a better tomorrow. With the prices of goods and commodities increasing at a rapid rate it has become difficult for each of us to save some extra money for leisure and entertainment apart from the regular monthly expenditure.
Also with the high risk of loosing your job anytime due to the highly unstable share market condition and recession, you are always worried about saving money for those kinds of difficult situations.

And in case you are a student then I am sure that you want a lot of things in this colorful world around you, to enjoy your life to the fullest. But as you still depend on your parent’s money you get forced to sacrifice your desires.

So therefore my dear friends we all need some extra money and I will help you to make that extra money. I will tell you easy and effective ways for making that right amount of extra money for which you all desire.

The various home based business ideas are-

1] Freelance Jobs- These are online jobs wherein you need to write an article or edit an article. You can do these jobs by sitting in front of your personal computer during your free time. One of the sites is sologig which provides freelance jobs, consulting and part-time projects related to your field.

2] Online Photo Seller-If photography is your passion and your friends complement the photographs taken by you then you can use your this hobbie to make some extra cash. Take photograph of different historical places, nature, monuments, etc and then put these photos on a website and sell them to interested people

3] Become a blogger– Blogging is one of the oldest and most trusted online money making method. Almost everyone has the habit of reading reviews, comments, product description and its specifications on the internet before buying any product from the store. So, you can make money by simply giving reviews, comments, or writing about product details and description.
You can start blogging in any field you want but you should have in depth knowledge of that topic.

4] Write E-book– If you imagine a lot and you are very good with words then you should put your thoughts on paper and start writing e-books online. The books written by you should be interesting, useful and informative. You can promote your book by using online promotion tools.

6] Become an online consultant– Today, people are always searching for someone who can give them right guidance and help them in getting the right solution to their problem. So if you have skills and lot of Knowledge about various subjects then you can online consultation service and charge them on hourly basis.

7] Sell you old books and magazines online– If you are a school or college students then you can make some quick cash by selling the old books which you don’t require in future. You can prepare a list of these old books and put this list on any book selling website like and make some extra cash.

8] Enroll in a Pay-per-click program– One of the easiest ways to make some extra cash online. Enrolling in a pay-per-click program will only need you to click on specific ads and you can make lots of money.

9] Register for paid surveys– This is suitable for those people who have only few hours to spare for part time jobs. You get paid for answering question. Generally, these questions are about new products which the company may have launched recently. After you register to these websites they will send you the questionnaires and once you finish answering all the questions you will get the payment.

10] Make Money with Micro Jobs-There are a number of websites wherein you can make money by completing MICRO TASKS. Some of the websites are- micro workers, m Turk and Short Task. You just have to register and then you can start making money by finishing the given tasks.

11] Start your own bakery-If cooking is your passion and u think you make really good bakery and sweets then you can make money by selling your items during Christmas , family events, office parties. But you should be able to supply the order at the right time.

These were some of the best HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEAS. So, just go ahead, pick up the one which you think suits you the best and make lots of extra cash.

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